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I have a confession to make. Not so long ago I felt like micromanaging my team’s time!

Especially when we are working remotely I was always anxious about what my team is working on. What they are delivering and how my projects are doing? Are the support issues taken care of?

So then came this strong urge for micromanagement. But then micromanagement led to low morale, pushing down productivity and was totally counter-productive.

And not just that, every minute that I spent worrying about my team’s work timings, was a minute lost in managing the quality of their work output. Remember the quantity of output is an immensely measurable metric given that you have proper systems to measure it.

And so we built a system to measure the measurable. We created TASKIDY which not only keeps track of my team’s productivity, tasks delivered, tracks projects’ progress but also tells me their profitability. I can now know which client, which project, which employees are the most profitable and which are the least.

Once we got a system like TASKIDY we could actually focus on managing the team’s quality which was much more useful and put us in a virtuous cycle of better output and better client satisfaction.

So now I focus on working with the team to improve the quality of their output, leaving the mundane task of measuring the measurable to TASKIDY.

My personal experience is that most people like and welcome positive intervention in the quality of their output. It helps them improve as a person and a professional. Every intervention – if done with the right intention and not for making them feel small – makes them valuable for the company.

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